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Our Teaching Method

How Students Are Taught

The Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studio has found that students learn most quickly and effectively on a scholastic basis. Your introductory program is the first student level. You will be taught the basic patterns of the most popular dances today. Your instructor will explain how the Medal Standards are taught and will plan a personalized program to fulfill your specific needs and desires.

The degree of dancing you will achieve varies depending on your desire, goals, commitment and interest. After your Introductory Program the dance levels (degrees) progress from Associate and Full Medallist programs in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Gold Bar Standards. (See Curriculum) These courses are designed for people like yourself who desire a fundamental foundation or more advanced training in the social, as well as competitive ballroom and latin (dance sport) styles.

The majority of students who come to an Arthur Murray Dance Studio are interested in becoming good social dancers and our medalist programs will help you achieve that goal. If competitive ballroom dancing (dance sport) is your desire, Arthur Murray Dance Studios can train you in the latest technique, steps and styles. Indeed, we boast some of the top competitive couples in the world today.

The choice is yours and we’ll help you achieve your goal because each dance lesson is taught step-by-step at your own pace. Over 40 million people have enhanced their social life by learning to dance quickly and easily the Arthur Murray way!

Through their history of teaching the world to dance, the Arthur Murray Dance Schools have found that students learn quickly and effectively using a system focusing on three areas: knowledge, repetition, and application. For almost a century, the Arthur Murray® method has been fine-tuned, using private, group, and practice sessions to target each of these three areas and help people from all walks of life become confident on the dance floor. Due to the effectiveness of this system, students are able to learn the most popular dances in a short period of time. With us dancing becomes much more fun!

Personalized Lessons

During a student's one-on-one personalized lesson, they will receive individually tailored instruction that will help achieve their goals in dancing. The instructor will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything the student has learned will also be kept as part of their instruction.

Group Classes

Group lessons are an important addendum to a student's private instruction. Groups give students the opportunity to dance with a variety of partners, develop good dance habits, and meet other students in the studio. Group lessons emphasize balance, repetition and variation of patterns. Students may be taught materials that their regular instructor has not introduced yet. Additionally, material that has been introduced will be reviewed and practiced for improvement.

Practice Sessions

The studio holds scheduled dance parties (practice sessions) for all of our students. These practice parties are held on a weekly basis. Students have fun dancing with the instructors and other students in a relaxed and nurturing environment. We set our studio parties apart from the dark and dingy atmosphere in most clubs by adhering to a strict no alcohol and no smoking policy, and our parties are for Arthur Murray students only—so you can feel safe and comfortable spending your Friday evening with us! We always play a wide variety of music including Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country—all music that you can easily dance to. Our Practice Parties provide the perfect opportunity to practice what you've learned in a realistic social atmosphere. And, just like at all those weddings and parties you'll be attending, you never know when we might throw in a Conga Line, a Line Dance, a Mixer, or a special exhibition!

Why wait any longer?

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