“I had the most wonderful dancing experience with Arthur Murray Dallas for a local charity event. Not only was my instructor fabulous (and patient), but everyone from the reception desk to the other instructors, to the other clients was encouraging and helpful also. This is a place where anyone of any age can learn to dance. I saw pre-teens to the over 70 crowd taking lessons. Our charity event has ended, but my lessons at Arthur Murray will continue. What a great place it is! And guys...women LOVE men who can dance.”

Rebecca Miller

“I'd never ballroom danced in the past, but I watched some movies. I just loved it after my first couple of lessons and decided to stick with it. It's a great way to exercise without knowing that you're exercising. And that's what I love, because I don't run unless I'm being chased, and I hate the gym. I love learning all the different types of dance, whether it's the waltz or the cha-cha ... and I [love] the challenge of putting [a] whole routine together.”

Fiona Gorostiza

“According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to dance is "to move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures" or "to leap or skip about excitedly." Ballroom dancing is "any of various social dances, such as the foxtrot, tango, or waltz, in which couples follow a conventional pattern of steps." Sounds all cut and dried, doesn't it? Well...we all know it is so much more than that! Having danced in some form or other for a good part of my life, it was when I decided to take up ballroom dancing that I realized it was the right choice. For me, it is my "last hurrah" as I like to refer to it. Ballroom dancing is putting yourself into a zone that is uniquely your own. It is interacting with the instructor(s) and knowing that they are truly interested in the progress that you make. Dancing requires everything from your ankles up to your brain. Learning all this is a journey that you take along with your instructors and I have found this journey to be one of the best I have taken in my life. It has helped me in so many ways, almost too numerous to mention. It goes without saying that losing weight is a natural by product. Another thing that I've discovered is that it doesn't matter your age...anyone from 9-92 can dance! Whether for fun, exercise, entertainment, whatever your pleasure, dancing will challenge you not only physically, but mentally. If your goal is competition, then there's no more sense of satisfaction than in competition. This is the ultimate proof to yourself that you can accomplish poise, confidence and just plain fun by competing. By staying longer at the dance, you will continue to add layer upon layer to your new found skill and before you know it you have become an accomplished dancer. What could be better in your life than that? From someone who knows, I can vouch for living this dream. Remember to live your life, laugh often, but most of all free your soul and always dance as if no one is watching! And where does one do all of this? Why...at Arthur Murray, of course!”

Meredythe Loquet

“I had always enjoyed social dancing and grew up doing just that and thought that I was certainly able to get by, but life and circumstances sometimes play their little tricks and my life was turned upside down. Still, I was doing okay and was in control, but I needed something more and I didn't really know what it was. I was busy, and had a lot of places to be and things to do, but it was still not enough.

And then one day I realized that I was the only one who could do something about it and circumstances put me on the dance floor again and I found that what I thought I could do reasonably well seemed to be frozen. An idea came to me which I never had before and that was to search out dance lessons so that I would not be embarrassed if the opportunity presented itself again.

Let me preface this by saying the hardest thing about my dance lessons was deciding to do it and then to walk through the front door! It was not that I was afraid; but more because I did not know what was in store for me on the other side. I had no idea at the time the decision I made was going to change my lfe for the better in a big way...

I got through the first introductory lesson and for whatever reason I scheduled another one, and then another one. And the reason for that was the welcoming feeling that I had received from all of the staff and students I had met who were both new and advanced. By this time you would be right in assuming I was hooked and knew I had found something more than just learning to put one foot in front of the other. Dancing enabled me to bring my personality out of its hiding place behind the events in my life, both good and bad. I love the way it makes me feel when I can move across the floor or when I can move my hips to the rhythm of a Latin dance. I love the challenge of getting it right, and the realization that yes I could do something that was just for me, and prompted by me. It made me realize that I can try to do it all and that I like where I am in my life and most importantly that I really do like myself.

And, in closing, I must say I am so very happy that I found the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Dallas. The talented staff cannot be beat and I can go on and on so I will jut leave you with this thought...

Everyone who is thinking about dance lessons should become a part of the Arthur Murray experience!”

Iris Goldberg

“At age six, Taylor loved to dance and watch others dance. Ten months ago she began lessons at Arthur Murray, Wow! We have watched Taylor change from a shy little girl to a confident young lady who loves to perform! She looks forward to dancing with her instructor each week. Our family enjoys dancing with Taylor and others at the Friday dance parties. We look forward to watching Taylor continue to gain self-confidence and develop skills as a ballroom dancer. We look forward to all the new experiences that we will share with Taylor at Arthur Murray.”

Julie Moncrief (Mother Of Taylor, Age 7)

“Dancing with Arthur Murray Studios was an absolute blast. From the first lesson they made me feel welcome and included. By the time my lessons were over I felt like I knew everyone in the studio. At first I was nervous, because I had never danced any type of ballroom before, but the way they teach the technique, steps and different styles was so easy to pick up on. The best thing about dancing with Arthur Murray Studios is not only how well they teach you but how fun they made it. There was not one lesson that went by where we did not have a great time and where we did not laugh at something...it was awesome. I cannot thank Arthur Murray studios and my dance partner enough I can't wait to go back!”

Brooke Williamson

“What a blast. Truly enjoyed learning these dance moves from Arthur Murray staff. They have made it a fun and enjoyable experience, now something my wife and I look forward to every week as a couple. If you have opportunity to dance with Arthur Murray instructors...get your dancing shoes ready!”

J P Piccinini

“My experience at The Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Plano was spectacular. I came in nervous, uncertain, and anxious. Just a few short weeks later, I am actually confident on the dance floor! My instructor was patient, supportive, and understanding... just what I needed. The rest of the staff helped create a warm and inviting atmosphere that put me at ease. If you are a hesitant beginner or a bride trying to talk her groom into creating something special for your first dance, this is the studio for you. Thank you to my new friends at Arthur Murray Plano!”

Jolene DeVito

“What a pleasure to come to Dallas at your Studio!
The quality of teaching and management of your studio is an inspiration for me and all other Coaches.
The atmosphere and professionalism of the staff is outstanding!
I can see the continuing progress of the students each time I return to your studio and working with you all students and Pro's is always a wonderful experience.
You are the best and I am always thrilled to return to your Studio...
You are ''La crème de la crème''”

Meryem Pearson

“It is hard to find enough words to express how I feel about Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano. Though most people who meet me presently wouldn't believe it, I was a lost and broken soul before I stepped through those doors. Transporting us back in time you would see before you the sad, lonely, scared, depressed, and shyest girl of fifteen you would ever likely meet. You could say that within the studio walls I had a rebirth into a greater life than I imagined for myself. Like Cosette wandering alone in the woods waiting for my Valjean to come and save me. I was an ice skater before I started dancing. But, the truth of it is that I had the heart for it, but not the technique. In the skating world I was the butt of every joke not only because of being bad at skating, but also because I was more interested in books than boys. Also, I had to constantly live up to my younger sister's stardom and my dad being a judge. Arthur Murray was the first chance in life to be able to excel at something that was not about being smart. It let me combine my theater training and love of performing on a platform that welcomed me with open arms. The dancing helped me see that I was worth something and that being myself was okay. It became my sanctuary and a second family for whom I could come to whenever life was too rough to cope. My self confidence grew to the point that I was no longer scared of those around me. Also, within the first few months I no longer required anti-depressants. Although I have been talking about the changes that happened from within, a lot of changes occured on the outside as well. When I started dancing I was 140 pounds and wore a size 13 in juniors. Today I am between 110 and 120 pounds and a size 4-6. I began to wear make-up and my taste in clothes also changed dramatically. I cannot imagine who or where I would be if the studio had not come into my life. Dancing is truly the one thing that changed my life. Without it I do not think I would be the same person that I am today. However, I beleive it is the people in the dance studio who attributed to making the changes permanent. I could not imagine my life without any of them. Each person in their own way has guided me on different stages of my life and sculpted me into the person I have become. Essentially, that are what helped me go from that awkward teen to the woman I am today. I hope that every person has a similar event to help them change for the better, because the world could do with some more outstanding people like those I have met at Arthur Murray.”

Gillian Horowitz

“Where to begin...I love to dance! And thanks to Arthur Murray and the Plano staff of great teachers, they helped my husband and I become better dancers. It's wonderful to attend a party and my husband has the confidence to ask me to dance. We hardly sit down. It's great!!! Along with that we are fortunate enough to have been able to travel around the country and see the sights and dance in several competitions that have been life changing experiences. We have been to places like Florence, Italy, Hawai'i and Banff, Canada. We meet people who share the same interest in dance, and get the excitement of competitions and accomplishment all in one. We share a camaraderie with the other students and the Arthur Murray family. It's like having an extended family. Dancing with Arthur Murray has also been a great way to get back in shape. I lost 53 pounds and my husband lost 30 pounds. We have been dancing with Arthur Murray for around 2 years now and our energy level has improved tremendously, and we get off that couch and do what we enjoy! I can say this to the women who think their husbands won't enjoy dancing...My husband was not at all happy to take lessons with me, but after the initial lesson he decided to go forward with it. He happens to like Country Western dancing better than the Smooth or Latin, which of course is what I like to do. So, we made a deal. I do some Country, he does some Latin. Believe it or not, we have both enjoyed learning and dancing with each other as well as with our teachers. So, my advice to you is give it a try, you won't be sorry!”

Chris Garrett

“‘Liza Doolittle and I have a lot in common. She was single. I am single. She “could have danced all night” and so could I! Although those would be the only similarities I would have admitted to on the first night of dancing at Arthur Murray Studio in Dallas, our mutual transformation actually contained many more parallels. The English language transformed her life into something magical; the language of dance transformed mine. In May of 2007, I decided to do something for myself for the first time in forever. My boys were almost to the age that they could stay home without a sitter. My heart was healing after a challenging divorce. I was ready to meet new people and wanted a social life, but without the pressure of dating. And I passed the studio often, wondering … ballroom … what is it really like? Cotillion at 12, fraternity parties in college, and a hiatus from dancing for 25 years propelled me, the curious, slightly brave, definitely hungry student, through the doors on a Friday night before Memorial Day weekend. On the schedule was a 30-minute intro lesson right before the Friday night party. So, after I signed up for more lessons, I stayed for the party. I had more fun that night than any person has a right to have, and I knew I had found a place to stay. That summer I lost 20 pounds, found and nursed muscles I didn’t know I had, and made friends who are still dear to me and whose company I enjoy at club dances, New Year’s Eve parties, and Friday nights at Chili’s after the Arthur Murray practice parties. I basked in the praise of my teachers, whose encouragement awakened my hibernating passion for the arts, specifically for dance. I not only competed at Showdown that year, I also went to the Superama competition in Chicago in October. Then I slowed down and started figuring out what I was doing! I was an addict from the first night, and I needed to pace myself! Dance has been my constant companion for more than 2 and a half years. I thank God daily for the grace it has brought into my life. I find myself cha-cha-cha’ing down the grocery aisles; spiraling between the sink and the stove; walking through dance steps while waiting on appointments, children, and dinner. When I hear a song that moves me, I know what dance to put to the beat. My eldest son has joined me in some lessons and recently performed a solo (I’m so proud of him!!!). My youngest just doesn’t know how much he will enjoy it yet! Why dance? Because God gave us music, and some of us listen with our feet. God also gave us a desire to be a part of something beautiful and graceful and elegant. It is a form of praise and worship that is often overlooked. It is an opportunity to see men and women treat each other with care, honor and respect. It is a chance to bloom where we are planted. It is a chance to share joy, be connected, feel beautiful, and become a living piece of artwork. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of all that? Why Arthur Murray? The staff. I have never in my life encountered a place where the people are genuinely, consistently and enthusiastically happy to see me, no matter what day or hour it is. This grace is contagious, and has helped me deal with life’s challenges in much healthier ways. Dance can also be therapy. Some nights I may only want to dance, but by the end of the lesson, I’ve forgotten the cares of the day and have learned something new. The men and women who teach are grounded, thoughtful, considerate and so very forgiving of whatever baggage we students might bring. Their patience inspires me, their intensity encourages me, and their laughter uplifts me in ways I never anticipated when I first walked through that door. Now Eliza Doolittle is a Fair Lady. So am I. And as life ebbs and flows in its curious mix of highs and lows, dance continues to offer me the friendly reminder that we are in this thing together, and God never intended that we dance it alone. "DANCE as if no one is watching you; LOVE as though you've never been hurt; SING as if no one can hear you; LIVE as if heaven is on earth"”

Dianne Carlson

“I chose AM dance studio because, after watching DWTS, I wanted to learn correct technique. I have learned technique but many others things too. Such as: 1. A good partnership means active following, no leaning. 2. Look where you are going. 3. It should be about you, not him. 4. You are better than you think. 5. Listen to the music. and above all, relax and enjoy! All good rules for life as well as for the dance floor.”

Susan Iannaccone

“Two months ago I decided to try and take a few dance lessons just so that I would be able to survive at an upcoming wedding just in case I had the opportunity to meet someone who I might want to get on the dance floor (and mingle) with. I have avoided getting on a dance floor for just about the entirety of my thirty years on this earth. My initial expectation was to take one or two lessons per week with the end result being that I might be able to get on the dance floor with a girl and not make a complete fool of myself.

After my very first lesson, I was made to feel confident enough that I thought I would come in a few extra times the next week than I had initially thought I would with the newfound expectation that I might not just be able to survive on the floor, but impress! Week after week, I ended up coming in more and more, and surprisingly found myself having a wonderful time dancing. This was no longer something I wanted to do just for the extrinsic benefit of being able to meet someone, but something I found myself looking forward to doing for its own sake as well.

During my short time at Arthur Murray, I have already gone to several parties where I have felt very comfortable dancing with women I didn't know, or at best hardly knew. I even competed at a Dance Festival where I dancer 52 separate "heats", not to mention several general dances and a "Jack n Jill" competition where a woman I had never seen before randomly drew my name out of a hat and partnered up with me in competition.

The wedding which prompted me to contact Arthur Murray in the first place is next weekend, however I have no doubt that I will continue on with Arthur Murray for a long time to come. My instructors are all unbelievable and have really made me feel that I have the potential to be a great dancer if I continue to do what I am doing. With all the events Arthur Murray has to offer (not just locally, this next half-year alone they are going to Italy, Las Vegas, Argentina and Cancun), there is always something to look forward to and to motivate me to continue to get better and improve my skills. It is hard to believe how much I have changed in less than two months since I grudgingly and embarrassingly walked in to Arthur Murray with a belief that it was probably a hopeless endeavor for anyone to teach me how to dance. With no exaggeration whatsoever, Arthur Murray has truly changed my life.”


“My name is Michael Zepeda and Arthur Murray changed my life completely. Before Arthur Murray, I never really cared about how I dressed, acted, or how polite I was to others. I was a skateboarder, spending my days turning, flipping, and riding my board. I wore ripped jeans, bad "T" shirts and wasted shoes. I had long black hair that went past my shoulders. My days were spent with other skateboarders riding and jumping curbs, ramps, and steps. I remember the first time I came to the studio, I looked as if I was wearing clothes from the Lost & Found department. At that time, it had been purely by choice. I was only fifteen, my parents dropped me off and I took a chance at trying it out. The lesson seemed long, but I really enjoyed it. There were a lot of people in the studio that day and everyone was either talking, laughing or dancing, but everyone was very nice to me. I left the studio pretty excited, and ready to take more lessons. Dance students were always dresses up and looked very nice. I would look at myself, and I saw this young kid that looked nothing like them on the dance floor. So, one day after school I came home and told my mom I wanted to change my looks. She was so shocked to even hear those words come out of my mouth. She stopped whatever she was doing and asked how I wanted to change. I told her I wanted to look nice, just like the people on the dance floor. People at the studio noticed the smallest changes in me, even the first time I wore nice pants instead of my torn jeans, and I especially liked all of the compliments I received. Not long after I started taking lessons, I came to the studio with a new hair cut, slicked back with gel, wearing nice pants, a tucked in short and a nice pair of shoes. I really enjoyed the compliments and it made me feel great about myself. I also began to notice the smallest changes in the way other people dressed. Before coming to the studio, I never really paid attentionto ehat girls wore. Now I notice the earrings, the make-up, and the clothes girls wear and I especially see how girls like compliments. Every day, after school, I would go straight to the studio, without going home first. I wanted to stay there the rest of the day. I love being in the dance studio and never wanting to leave the place; it feels like a second home to me. I love being nice to people and complimenting others and saying Hi to everyone who walks through the door. I like telling them who I am, talking about how dancing has changed my life and why they should sign up for dance lessons. Before, I never really talked to people, but Arthur Murray changed that, and now everyone seems to know me. I was always told that by getting to know people you get friends. I think that is true, I now have many friends. I look back and am surprised at how manhy friends I have of all ages. I love the new me (looks, attitude, the ability to dance). I love this place and am very happy to be a part of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio. I hope you join the family!”

Michael Zepeda

“We started dancing at Arthur Murray March 2003 not long after the Dallas Studio relocated to the LBJ location.

I had been diagnosed with osteopena (the precursor to osteoporosis) in 2001 and was told to focus on “weight-bearing” exercise in order to grow bone. Clark wanted to work with me to increase my bone mass and so from 2001 until March 2003 we tried • Power walking inside on treadmills. We didn’t like doing that because we walked at different paces (I walk faster) and it was boring. • Power walking outside. We didn’t like doing that because of the heat and humidity of a Texas summer, didn’t like being in the cold and wind in the winter, and it was boring. • Various aerobic programs. We didn’t like doing that because it wasn’t fun, it was only work and it was boring.

Then one day on the way to work in the Fall of 2002, I saw the Arthur Murray sign go up at the LBJ location. Every day on the way to work (around 8am) I would say “There’s no one dancing.” And on the way home (around 6pm) I would say “There’s people dancing now. Maybe we should check into dancing. Dancing’s a weight-bearing exercise.” However, despite all of the hints, Christmas 2002 did not bring dancing lessons. I was crushed. How long was it going to take for Clark to get the hint?!?!?!

In March 2003, after listening to my continued commentary on when people were and weren’t dancing, Clark went into the Studio and purchased the Introductory Lesson as a present for my birthday…..

Deb: “Dancing Lessons! Finally! I wanted these for Christmas.” Clark: “Our first lesson is this coming Friday.” Deb: “But I don’t know how to dance!” Panicked because dancing at home with her parakeet was not for public observation and censure. Clark: “Isn’t that the reason we’re going?” Smug because he had learned how to Country Western dance at Southern Junction. Deb: “But I really don’t know how to dance!” My tap dance history wasn’t going to count here, I could tell, and this was before “Dancing with the Stars” started!

The highlights of being brave enough to go to that first class: • 2006 Texas Showdown: Top Solo Couple Award • 2007 San Francisco Dance-O-Rama: Top Amateur Couple Full Bronze Award • 2008 SUPERAMA (New Orleans): Top Amateur Couple Full Bronze Award, Amateur 3-Dance Rhythm Finalists. More importantly, we met our teacher's goal and stayed on our feet during the Amateur 3-Dance, although we didn’t have the stamina to keep our energy up through it. • 2009 SUPERAMA (Las Vegas): Top Amateur Couple Associate Bronze Award, Amateur 3-Dance Rhythm Finalists. We met our teacher's goal and interacted with each other, and received a lot of wonderful comments about our connection and interaction with each other. Getting positive comments from the “fans” we developed that weekend was worth more than the judges’ scores.

We love dancing and we owe it all to Arthur Murray. We started dancing with our head teacher in 2006; she wanted to take the robot out of our Samba, so worked with us on a Samba solo. Now she has selected a team of teachers that are keeping us challenged and focused on becoming competitive dancers. We are currently improving our interaction and technique on our 3-Dance Rhythm routines, and working on a Tango solo that will be incorporated into our Amateur 3-Dance Smooth routines for 2011.

Dancing has helped us be more than the Engineers we are professionally; it’s helped us “get out of our heads” and be in the best shaped we’ve ever been in our lives. Recently we’ve added Yoga to our routine in order to help our balance and core control so that we can improve our dancing. Knowing how to dance is like having a secret weapon; it’s something you can use if you need to, or have to. And there’s the added joy of having the confidence of breaking out in dance whenever and wherever the music is good. How fun is that?

As for my bone density, after 6 years of dancing it’s now in the Normal range. My doctor is thrilled!”

Deb & Clark