At Arthur Murray Dance Studios of Dallas and Plano, we recognize that each student has different goals, learning styles, and schedules. With a personally tailored designer dance program, our students achieve the designation of Bronze, Silver, or Gold dancer. The degree of dancing achieved varies depending on the desires, objectives, commitment and interest of each student. No matter what level of dance the student achieves, they will always have a skill that can be used for a lifetime.

When joining our Arthur Murray family, students are introduced to our Medalist Standards. Our curriculum is designed to teach you in logical order, from easiest to more difficult, with each level consisting of the building blocks for the level above. We even provide progress checks to make sure you can see your measurable improvement. Our interrelated system of teaching ensures that you will learn what you want to learn quickly and efficiently.

Dance Lesson Basic Skills

Basic Skills
Foundation Program

At the Foundation Level, students will learn the basics in several dances while focusing on refining their understanding of the fundamentals, like dance hold, partnering skills, timings and patterns. By the end of your foundation, most students have a much clearer idea of what they wish to achieve during the course of their dance education.

Bronze Level Social
Dance Programs

Beginning Bronze

In this level you will learn the basic patterns necessary to get by in any social dancing situation. You will learn the basic rhythm and step for the dances, as well as a get out of trouble step and a few turns and variations. This level is still considered a foundational level in your dancing, as you solidify your knowledge of basic skills.

Associate Bronze Social Dance Program

This program is the next level of dance training at Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance. Your Arthur Murray® Dance Professionals will personally tailor this program to suit your dancing needs. The Associate Bronze Social Dance Program is for the impatient student! It will get you out on the dance floor with a variety of dance steps and patterns, and increase your ability to lead/follow in today’s most popular social dances.

Advanced Bronze

In this level, you will notice that your comfort on the dance floor increases dramatically. You are learning how to dance in smaller spaces, use tighter turns, maneuver even more adeptly, and work with the rhythm of the music. Most students find that this level is a little bit like the first time you drove your car on the highway—exhilarating and exciting!

Full Bronze Social Dance Program

This program is the most popular standard of training at Arthur Murray® Schools of Dance. This program results in good all-around comfortable social dancing. You will feel at ease on the dance floor with any partner. Dancers that complete this course look forward to musical changes because they can dance proficiently to a variety of music and have a good knowledge of many different dance patterns to use. This Standard has proven to be the most desirable dancing goal to attain. You will feel poised and comfortable, whether at a dance party, nightclub or grand ball.

Bronze Medals
Silver Medals

Silver Level
Social Dance Program

Completing this level of dancing makes you the dancer that people just have to stop and watch. Arthur Murray® dance students that complete this Standard of social dance seem to glide effortlessly around the dance floor, and look almost like professional dancers! These dancers are very polished and show great technique in their dancing. They can lead or follow any dance partner.

Gold Level
Social Dance Program

The Arthur Murray® Gold Standard of Dance is for the serious dancer. This level of dancing that is not often seen on the social dance floor. Many Gold Standard Arthur Murray® students actually compete or perform exhibition dancing at this standard of dance. These dance students look truly extraordinary.

Gold Medals

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