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Science Finally Reveals the Answer to “What Do Women Want?” The Answer: Men Who Know How to Dance

by / Tuesday, 15 April 2014 / Published in Arthur Murray in the News

A Study Conducted At A German University Has Proven Once Again That Women Love Men Who Know How To Dance. The Study Results Prove What Ballroom Dancers Have Known For A Very Long Time. According To John Kimmins, President Of Arthur Murray International

by Coral Gables, FL (PRWEB)

greendress_sm A study conducted at the University of Gottingen in Germany has proven once again that women love men who know how to dance. Results from the study, published in New Scientist magazine and Personality and Individual Differences measured both the attractiveness of men dancing and their hand grip strength. Drs Bernhard Fink and Nadine Hugill of Gottingen University commented that “dynamic cues such as dancing ability might also be used to assess male quality in terms of strength and dominance – traits which eventually signal status.” Put as simply as possible, with apologies to the researchers, men who know how to dance are markedly more attractive than those who do not. Men who really want to succeed with women need to be good dancers – something that any man can learn. According to John Kimmins, President of the iconic dance organization Arthur Murray Dance Centers, www.arthurmurray.com, the study results prove what ballroom dancers have known for a very long time. “Men who are confident and comfortable on the dance floor look sexy and confident and women love that,” he explained. “Have you ever seen the look in a woman’s eye when her partner asks her to dance? And then the look in her eye when he starts flailing on the dance floor like he’s drowning?” If he does not know how to dance to the music, can’t identify the rhythm or at least gain some semblance of the timing of the music, seems anxious, unsure, or worse of all, steps on her toes, even the most dazzling Prince Charming will have to work a lot harder off the dance floor to show that he’s a worthy candidate! At Arthur Murray Dance Centers around the world, men and women of all ages, stages and ability levels can and do successfully learn to dance. Even dance students with four left feet learn how to use their bodies to dance as well as a winning contestant on a reality dance show. “Our success as the world’s biggest and best known dance organization is based on a system created by founder Arthur Murray. His goal was to create a system that would allow every single person, no matter how awkward or ungainly, to learn how to dance. For nearly a century, we have transformed terrible dancers into good dancers and good dancers into great dancers,” said Tom Murdock, Vice President Marketing and Promotions. For men who want to attract women, and the women who love them, the world of dance is waiting at a local Arthur Murray Dance Center. And you don’t have to do an anthropological study to learn what happens – just get out on the dance floor and enjoy! For photos, video footage, live dance demonstrations, the latest dance news and more, contact your local Arthur Murray Dance Center. Arthur Murray Dance Centers can be found throughout America and Canada and in Australia, Brazil, England, Egypt, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Latvia, and South Africa. More than 40 million people have learned to dance at Arthur Murray Dance Centers. For more information about ballroom dance, visit the Arthur Murray International website at www.arthurmurray.com.